Mark Monaco and the Strayhearts

Hard Driving Country Music from the Heart of Texas

Shane Haberstroh

  • Shane has created some kind of percussive drumming contraption that he plays at live shows. He's still surprised it works.
  • Shane's pretty sure he plays the cajon incorrectly. Possibly blasphemously.
  • Shane regularly uses a foot tambourine and is investigating more cowbell.
  • Shane buys stuff to mix and master the albums and demos. And spends lots of time staring at a screen doing those things.
  • Shane's doctoral degree is from Texas Tech University.
  • In his free time he likes to think that he doesn't need to work out.
  • He's been playing drums a long time.
  • In another part of his life, he's a professional writer and researcher. He whips up some mean stats or postmodern discourse depending on his mood.
  • For years Shane was a cook at some fancy and not so fancy hotels. Accordingly, he has eaten a waffle on the roof of a Holiday Inn next to a major New Jersey Interstate highway.
  • He hung out at the Jersey shore before it was cool.